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Hey sugah, so i'm transitioning as I finally decided to go back natural (probably have 3 1/2 inches of natural hair), do you have tips, advice etc, on how to handle my natural hair and what to use on it? Thanks xx


I hope your transition goes well and your hair prospers 

  • It’s important to deep condition weekly if you’re transitioning. The moisture will help 
  • A protein treatment every 6 weeks or so to keep it strong
  • Take your time detangling your hair and start from the ends, use a large tooth comb and make sure your hair is damp, wet and has some kind of conditioner in it. 
  • Trim more regularly than you usually do to get rid of the relaxed hair more quickly
  • Try not to use direct heat too much and use heat protectant and do a deep condition if you are going to eat heat.
  • The less your manipulate your hair the better 
  • WASH YOUR HAIR IN  LARGE TWISTS!  Especially now you’re transitioning and i don’t know what your hair texture is but if its very kinky, this is the only way you should be washing your hair. It cuts down on tangling, breakage and how long it takes to wash your hair
  • If you’re getting fed up dealing with two textures, get braids or something. 
  • Though i don’t really do this because my hair isn’t that tangly but, detangle your hair with your fingers to clear out the tangles  regardless if you’re going to fully detangle or not and start with the ends and large tooth combs only on wet or dampy hair
  • Just because your hair is in braids, wigs or a weave doesn’t mean you ignore your hair. A lot of Black women that wear braids, weaves or wigs all the time should have very healthy, strong and  even long hair but many don’t and it’s because they don’t care for the hair underneath. You still have to wash, moisturise  and make sure your hair isn’t done too tight.
  • Moisturise your hair daily 
  • Vitamin e oil is a blessing from the gods that makes your ends soft and skin nice 
  • Ignore the obsession with defining curls. Hair health and you knowing how to deal with your hair is more important than something that only some texture can do without ruining their hair
  • Its more important to have a simple solid hair routine first and not jumping on every and any new hair thing. Its not to say to not drop things that aren’t working or try new stuff 
  • plain yogurt and honey makes a good deep conditioner (and taste good too)

What you need to keep in mind is Black hair is fragile and gets dry easily so treat it gently and keep your hair hydrated. The way most think about Black hair is that its hard and can withstand all kinds of mistreatment but thats why so many of us have or have had weak breaking crispy hair. Our mums dragging some small piece of flimsy comb through our dry hair when we were little wasn’t the way. Its wasn’t that we were sensitive or tender headed but what was being done it us was too rough and bad hair care habits i hope dies out.

Its probably a good idea to look up transitioning styles but doing a twist out and then putting it in a bun is probably the easy lazy route to go. Even if you plan to transition by hiding your hair under braids etc most of the time, give your hair a break in-between and learn to deal with your hair. 

This is just a general tip but look at youtube videos of women with hair like yours.  There are many things that are applicable but some things that aren’t.Back when i was proper into hair ive seen too many transitioners get fed up because they’re only looking at videos of hair that is nothing like theirs and they aren’t learning the beauty in what they have and what they should be doing with it.  

There are youtube tuts that show you how to wash your hair in braids, weaves and how you should be caring for it

This wasn’t suppose to be this long lol but i was proper into hair care for a good 5 years.

Good luck.

I hope your hair is strong and alway hydrated  :) 

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